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PC: Patricia Danielidis

PC: Tam Lan Truong/Ensemble Obiora

"An exceptional talent, one of the few absolute top flutists I have experienced in twenty years at McGill, with a wide range of dynamics and colour blends, a great ear in chamber music-like situations, and a fully professional attitude, with a very pleasant personality which makes him a joy to work with for everybody!"


-Alexis Hauser,

McGill Symphony Orchestra Artistic Director


"When I first heard Jayden Lee play, I was immediately impressed with his sweet tone, expressive playing and effortless agility on the flute. Truly remarkable playing!"


-Brandyn Lewis,

Ensemble Obiora Artistic Director 


PC: Patricia Danielidis

D'un matin de printemps, Lili Boulanger

Jayden Lee, Flute

Olivier Hébert-Bouchard, Piano

Recorded in Pollack Hall of McGill University,

Montréal, QC April 27, 2023

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